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Experience Counts!


I have experience driving road trucks, a gin truck, belly dump trucks, etc.  As a driver, highway safety and regulations are my number one priority.  Driving at least 10,000+ loads that were oversize and overweight, I gained experience in the safety required to tie down a load as well as how to read and follow permits.

See Photos and Escort Loads for other

Heavy-Haul and Oversize loads

Communication -
Circle B Escort will work in conjunction with your drivers to warn them of any upcoming interference and to ensure the driver and his load safe passage.
Communication will occur via CB radio.
Whether front or rear, the escort/pilot car driver will keep in constant communication with your driver to warn of traffic backups, accidents, or any other traffic related events that may occur.
Safety is our first priority!  From switching lanes to crossing bridges, our escort/pilot car driver will ensure the safety of your driver, equipment, and other drivers on the road.

Height Pole:  $400 - 450

Day Rate:    $350 - 400

Prices may be negotiated depending on the transport circumstances.

Please contact Keith

for an estimate!

Lead -
As the front escort vehicle, Circle B Escort will ensure the safety of the driver and equipment. Accidents can occur during the transport of any oversize load.  We are trained to warn your driver of oversize load traffic violations and to watch for unsafe loads that may cause an accident.
Rear -
As the rear escort vehicle, Circle B Escort will make sure your driver and equipment are safe by blocking off lanes during wide-load turns.  The rear escort will also change and block lanes as needed due to upcoming road and traffic situations. 
The rear escort will also watch the load vehicle itself to report load shifting, flat tires, tie-down malfunctions, and anything about the load and load vehicle that might interfere with safe load movement.
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