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These pictures were taken on location south of Fargo, Oklahoma.  While a sunken derrick is not a common occurrence, it does happen.  Due to the strict safety precautions expected of the workers and drivers at the rig, no injuries occurred. 

During the 1980's oil boom, safety was not our main focus.  It was haul as fast as you can...anyway you can...and get to the location in as little time as you can.  Time was money during the boom.  The picture in the upper right corner is an example of a safety violation in today's modern oilfield.

During my 40 years of experience with the oilfield being a swamper, driver, and manager, I realize how much safety matters and just how easy it is to become injured or even killed when unsafe practices occur.  I have seen my fair share of life-altering accidents and was lucky that none happened to me.

For this reason, SAFETY , is my #1 priority.  I have purchased all the equipment required for the safety of the escort as well as flagman detail.

Safety equipment includes:

Vehicle equipped with high-tech caution lights

Hard hat

Fire Extinguisher

Over-size Load signs


Reflective vest

Road Reflectors

Orange cones

First Aid Kit


Caution signs should not be ignored.  I take the responsibility very seriously of making sure your drivers and your equipment are

escorted in a safe and timely manner.  The utilization of the heighth pole will allow me to escort your heavy and over-size loads safely. 


Circle B drivers  are expected to maintain a safety conscious

attitude and allegiance to your company, drivers, and

equipment. This is a guarantee!

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