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We take pride in our work!

Keith is skilled in loading equipment, insuring its safety, and getting it to its destination legally and safely!

In the background picture, Keith is making sure the skids are cleaned off so no vehicle damage occurs from flying rock.


Instant Access

•  AT&T and Pioneer Cellular - communication possible in every area.

•  Citizens Band Radio - constant communication with the driver.

•  E-mail accessible - send, receive documents, pictures, etc.

•  Receive and print permits without leaving the escort load.

•  Copy and Scan documents....can e-mail to your main office from site.

•  GPS and IPad - located in the vehicle.

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A Bit About Us _

At Circle B Escort, we use a heighth pole to ensure bridge/equipment encounters do not happen.  With 40 years experience in heavy haul and over-size load, we know it only takes a moment for an accident to occur.  Circle B Escort drivers take precautions to avoid accidents and are certified through the Oklahoma Department of Transportation with Escort and Flag Certification training.  On-the-job training working with heavy haul and over-size loads gives our escort service the practical experience and common sense needed for a safe and timely move. 

With many years of experience working in the oilfield and working with companies such as Hamm and Phillips, Geronimo Trucking, Ward Petroleum, Hodges Trucking, Chesapeake, and Seventy-Seven Energy our escort and pilot car service guarantees to provide exceptional service with the knowledge and understanding of safety, logistics, and completion of a job well done!

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